Parents Against Nationalized Education


What is Common Core?

apple_image_object“The Common Core State Standards are kindergarten through grade 12 English Language Arts and Math standards designed to help ensure that all students are college and career-ready no later than the end of high school”.

That’s what Common Core claims to be. But in reality the Common Core standards are mediocre, one-size-fits-all standards that will eliminate creativity in the classroom and only encourage students to be “proficient”.  The ability for the diverse schools of our nation to develop curriculum that best meets the unique needs of their students will be lost with continued implementation of Common Core.  With every school teaching the same things in the same manner, there will be no opportunity for administrators and teachers to develop best practices that can be learned from and improved upon by other schools.

There are MANY issues that parents and teachers need to be aware of about Common Core. And some of these issues are not even related to the standards themselves:

  • The people spearheading Common Core have a dubious agenda and a lot of money!
  • Common Core was implemented in a very stealth-like manner, with no legislative input, review, or debate.
  • There were no public hearings and no media coverage. Few knew the standards were even being developed.
  • States were bribed to participate with Race to the Top Stimulus funds and exemption from No Child Left Behind.
  • The standards writing committee lacked the necessary expertise and its discussions and reasonings are hidden from the public.
  • Many of the standards are developmentally inappropriate and may even be harmful to children.
  • Common Core has a socialist-style educational methodology and approach that discourages creativity and innovation and results in mediocrity.
  • Along with Common Core comes “cradle to career” tracking of intimate details on every student that is shared with the federal government agencies.
  • Common Core’s globalism goal demotes American values and undermines U.S. constitutional principles.
  • It detaches students from their families and faith.

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